Activities in Peru & Bolivia

Summary of the highlights

Activities in Cusco and in Peru

There is so much to do in Peru. Therefore, we will give you a summary of the main activities in Cusco and of the highlights in other parts of Peru. And you can go to Bolivia as well, as Bolivia is not too far away if you are traveling from Cusco.


activities Cusco
  • city tour and visit of the nearby ruins
  • our alternative city tour
  • museums and theater, festivals and soccer match
  • cultural workshops, salsa and cooking classes
  • volunteer work
  • wild night life

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

Sacred Valley of the Incas

Sacred Valley Peru
  • traditional weaving in Chinchero
  • the colorful market of Pisaq
  • Inca salt pans and agricultural laboratory
  • Quechua-communities
  • Inca ruins: Pisaq, Ollantaytambo, Chinchero
  • wonderful hikes through rural Peru

Activities and outdoor sports

activities and outdoor sports
  • hiking tours
  • horse back riding
  • (downhill) mountain biking
  • white-water rafting
  • paragliding
  • bungee jumping

Volunteering and workshops in Cusco

volunteering volunteer work
  • street kids and orphanages volunteering
  • volunteer at a kindergarten or as an English teacher
  • volunteer work in health care
  • workshops: social situation, ancient cultures, the  Incas, the conquest
  • salsa classes
  • peruvian cooking classes

Off the tourist track Peru

  • Machu Picchu Plus
  • the Inca bridge of Queswachaka
  • visit a traditional hacienda
  • visit a Quechua community
  • fortune-tellers and shamans
  • weaving and pottery
  • live with a local family

South Peru

south Peru

Amazon Rainforest

Amazon rainforest
  • unique, magical sunrise at Tres Cruces
  • Espíritu Pampa, the last Inca stronghold
  • Tambopata and Manu
  • Rurrenabaque in Bolivia
  • camping and lodges
  • most impressive nature found on the planet

North Peru

north Peru
  • tanning en surfing in Máncora
  • Indiana Jones in Kuelap
  • museums and culture in Chiclayo
  • world’s biggest clay city near Trujillo
  • traditional fishermen boats in Huancayo
  • the Amazon city of Iquitos


  • witch market in La Paz
  • climb up to 6000 meters
  • the salt flat of Uyuni
  • alligators and monkeys near Rurrenabaque
  • bike down worlds most dangerous road
  • relaxing in Copacabana

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