Peru off-the-beaten-track

1-month program with Spanish, accommodation and tours included

Peru off-the-beaten-track

Our off-the-beaten-track program: learn Spanish fast, experience Peru and the Peruvian culture and combine this with tours that the masses have not yet discovered! A complete 1-month program in which everything is arranged for you. This way, you only have to think about learning Spanish and enjoying your stay in Peru! The highlights of our program:

4 weeks of Spanish lessons in a small group, 80 hours in total
4 weeks guest family stay in Cusco
4 amazing tours including a trekking to Machu Picchu

The first 4 weeks you will stay with one of our guest families in Cusco, and you have Spanish classes from Monday to Friday. During the weekends you will do 3 day-tours. And at the end of this 4-week program, you will go on the Inca Jungle trek to Machu Picchu!

Guest family

The program begins when you arrive in Cusco. We pick you up from the airport in Cusco and bring you to your accommodation. You will stay in a local guest family for the 4 weeks. This is the best option if you want to practice your Spanish and get a better understanding of the Peruvian culture.

In the guest family, you will have your own bedroom and you will share the rest of the house with the family. All the meals are included, so you share breakfast, lunch and dinner with the family. A wonderful experience and you will feel welcome in Cusco right away!

Spanish program

During the 4-week program, you will learn Spanish from Monday to Friday, for 4 hours a day. Classes are in a small group with a 4 students maximum. We keep the groups as small as we can to give you the best learning experience. This way, we can offer you intensive classes with a lot of oral communication. That is the best way to learn the Spanish language fast.

In total you will have 80 hours of Spanish lessons during your month in Cusco. A good amount of time, so you can improve your Spanish language skills considerably. And you will have fun doing that!

Tours in the program

This package includes 3 day-tours which you will do in the weekends. And there is one 4-day trekking. We don’t operate the tours ourselves, instead we work with a highly reputable and professional local tour operator who specializes in high quality tours and personal service.

7 Lagunas

Head to the 7 Lagoons of Ausangate if you like adventure, landscapes, mountains and exotic colored lagoons! The highlights of this tour are the seven lakes on the slopes of Vilcanota Mountain. The 7 beautiful lakes of blue, green and turquoise waters are in an Andean circuit surrounded by nature and snow-capped mountains. During the tour you will be able to admire the impressive Ausangate Mountain, the highest mountain in the Cusco region.

At the Pacchanta community there are amazing natural hot springs where you can relax in the baths after the hike. We strongly recommend relaxing in these warm baths after the trekking!


Full day tour to visit the alternative Rainbow Mountain: Palccoyo (3 hrs by bus and 30 minutes hiking).

Palccoyo is easier to access than the original Rainbow Mountain, as it is based on lower altitude, flat and only 20-30 minutes hiking from the bus. Another big advantage is that there are only a few tourists instead of the Rainbow Mountain. 

The mountain range of Palccoyo has a surface of various colors due to the presence of different types of minerals.


Waqrapukara, which means in the national language of the Inca’s: Fortress of horns. This spectacular and hidden place is located in one of the incredible canyons of Cusco. Be a part of this amazing excursion and enjoy the place, the culture and the beautiful landscapes.  

It is a little-explored Inca fortress. The Inca temples and enclosures there are of great quality and really worth a visit!

Inca Jungle trek

The Inca Jungle Trail is by far the most adventurous trekking option in the region of Cusco. It provides downhill biking, rafting, hiking and zip-line, all in one trail. If you want to have a lot of adventures and fun, then the Inca Jungle Trail is really something for you. You will make an incredible trip through the Andes, which also will end in the wonder of the world: Machu Picchu, where you will have a guided tour.

During the hike you will see Inca ruins, plantations of coffee, Coca and fruits and you can enjoy the refreshing natural hot springs of Colcamayo. You can find more extensive information about the Inca Jungle trail here:

Included in the off-the-beaten-track program

  • 4-week Spanish program, small group course 80 hours in total
  • 4-week stay in a local guest family in Cusco
  • Tours to Machu Picchu, Waqrapukara, 7 lagunas & Palccoyo
  • Airport pick-up in Cusco
  • Free weekly activities in the Spanish school
  • Free coffee and tea in the Spanish school
  • All study materials are included
  • Free wi-fi in the apartment and the Spanish school
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • The personal attention we give all our clients during their program in Cusco with us!