Accommodation in Cusco

We offer a variety of accommodation options in Cusco

Accommodation options in Cusco

The perfect accommodation during your stay in Cusco, that is what you want! You can choose between the following different types of accommodation in Cusco:
* Apartment *
* Guest family *
* Hotel *
Shared apartment with private room
Shared apartment with private room

Enjoy your stay in Cusco, sharing an apartment with other students from different parts of the world! A shared apartment is really popular as it is an economical way of staying. And as you will stay with other students, fun is almost guaranteed. Many long-lasting international friendships started here!

We have apartments in Cusco in a tranquil neighborhood not far from the city center of Cusco and the Spanish school. The apartments are completely furnished. The living room has cable-TV, DVD and a dining area and a fully equipped kitchen (refrigerator, stove with oven, microwave, etc). So this is a good option for people that like to cook their own meals.

You will share the apartment with some fellow students. But of course you will always have your own private bedroom. Staying in an apartment is the most popular accommodation option in Cusco for mid and long term stays!

Private apartment
Private apartment

You can also choose to rent a private apartment with us. Then you´ll have an apartment for yourself or for the group or family you are travelling with. This option is especially popular for families or small groups that wish to have their own independent space with cooking facilities.

For private apartments, we have options from basic accommodations to luxury apartments. We are dedicated to making your stay in Cusco the best experience possible. So if you are interested in a private apartment, please let us know what kind of apartment you are looking for so we can offer you the best fit for your needs.

Guest family in Cusco
Guest family in Cusco

A local guest family is the best option if you want to practice your Spanish and get a better understanding of the Peruvian culture. The host families we work with are middle class families. They can give you a good idea of every day life in Peru in a nice and safe environment.

In our guest families you will have your own bedroom and you share the rest of the house with the guest family. So you will live together with the family members, but you have your private room. Mostly, the family won’t speak English or only at a very basic level. So that way you will be ‘forced’ to practice your Spanish! Normally you will eat three times a day with the family. But of course you have the liberty to go wherever you want. It is not an obligation to share every meal with the family.

Do you want to live in a family with or without children? Is smoking a problem for you (not that many people smoke in Peru…), are you allergic, don’t you like pets in your host family, or are you a vegetarian? Let us know your preferences for your guest family stay in Cusco!

Staying in a host family in Cusco is the most popular accommodation option for short and medium term (from a week to about 2 months) stays in Cusco!

Hotel in Cusco
Hotel in Cusco

We can also arrange a hotel in Cusco for you, from a backpackers hostel to a 5 star hotel. We have contacts with many hotels in Cusco, in a wide range of prices and luxury. Please contact us and tell us your budget so we can arrange a good hotel for you in Cusco.

Combine accommodations!

You can choose to stay in one accommodation or combine two options. Especially if you stay for a longer time, combining accommodations in Cusco can be interesting. For example you stay in a guest family first for a couple of weeks while you are studying Spanish at our school. And after that you live in an apartment for the rest of your stay. Just ask us, we have many options for you to find the perfect accommodation in Cusco!

Pick-up in Cusco

If you book an accommodation with us for at least 1 week, we pick you up for free at the airport of Cusco! A staff member of Mundo Antiguo will be waiting for you at the airport with a sign with your name on it. He or she will bring you to your accommodation and introduce you there.