Private Spanish classes & homestay

Private Spanish course and stay in a guest family

Individual Spanish course & Guest family stay in Cusco

Do you want to take individual Spanish lessons and stay in a local guest family? Book our package and get a discount! The package combines private lessons for 4 hours a day, 20 hours a week with a homestay in a carefully selected local guest family in Cusco.

Private classes

For us it’s important that you get the most out of your time in Cusco, that’s why we customize the private classes to your wishes, pace and schedule. We carefully evaluate your level by a placement test and take in account your learning goals to design the best program for you. The test can be done either oral or written.

Our classes focus towards a more practical approach. We aim for our students to learn to actually speak Spanish. That’s why the classes include both grammar and conversational practices.

We’ve seen that when students study for 4 hours per day, they benefit from having 2 different teachers. We often see that the change in teaching styles benefits the progress and engagement during the classes and helps to practice listening skills by hearing distinct voices. Once a week we’ll take you out of the classroom to practice your Spanish in day-to-day situations, we’ll go to the market, a museum and more.

Before, after and during the break of your classes you can help yourself to a coffee or tea and get to know the other students. You can also join our free weekly, cultural activities.

Guest family in Cusco

Spanish + accommodation

A local guest family is the best option if you want to practice your Spanish and get a better understanding of the Peruvian culture. The host families we work with are middle class families. They can give you a good idea of every day life in Peru in a nice and safe environment.

In our guest families you will have your own bedroom and you share the rest of the house with the guest family. So you will live together with the family members, but you have your private room. Mostly, the family won’t speak English or only at a very basic level. So that way you will be ‘forced’ to practice your Spanish! Normally you will eat three times a day with the family. But of course you have the liberty to go wherever you want. It is not an obligation to share every meal with the family.

Do you want to live in a family with or without children? Is smoking a problem for you (not that many people smoke in Peru…), are you allergic, don’t you like pets in your host family, or are you a vegetarian? Let us know your preferences for your guest family stay in Cusco!

Staying in a host family in Cusco is the most popular accommodation option for short and medium term (from a week to about 2 months) stays in Cusco!

More weeks?

This is a package for a week. Most students choose to study for a longer time period with us. This package is perfect for a longer stay. Just tell us how many weeks you want our Spanish group course and homestay package!