Amazon Rainforest

Manu National park & Tambopata

Amazon rainforest in Peru

A big part of the Peruvian territory is Amazon rainforest. Because Cusco is a city in the Andes mountains, people do not often realize that Cusco is pretty close to the Amazon rainforest in Peru. From Cusco you can choose between two different rainforest destinations. And both destinations are located in the Madre de Dios region.

Manu National park & Tambopata

It is not just a rainforest
The forests of the Madre de Dios region have been a natural refuge from time to time to trees, plants and animal species. In the past, only very few people did a trip to the Amazon outside the dry periods. Madre de Dios was like an „island“ in the rainforest surrounded by drier grasslands. Researchers believe that the Madre de Dios was such an „island“. People did not touch the region for millions of years. This is an important reason to explain the enormous biodiversity in the Amazon.

No contact
There are 18 different indigenous cultures living in the Madre de Dios region. Many residents of the region live without any contact or with just a little bit of contact to the outside world. Comparable to their ancestors thousands of years ago. There are still people living in this part of the Amazon, who never made contact with the modern world.

The weather
Take a sweater with you when you go to the rainforest of Tambopata! No – we are just kidding. Manu National Park and Tambopata are hot regions. Temperatures can go up pretty high during the whole year. But in some months (like August) it is possible that cold winds come up from the south. In the mountains, the temperature can drop down to 7 degrees Celsius. You probably do not want carry a cap or a scarf in your backpack to normally such a warm destination, but we can only warn you, that it can get cold sometime.

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