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learn Spanish Cusco PeruSo I want to learn Spanish. Why should I come to Cusco and what kind of Spanish courses can Mundo Antiguo offer me?


If you want to learn Spanish, Cusco is probably the best place in the world to do this. First of all, the people of Cusco speak relatively slow and easy to understand. Secondly, the Spanish in Peru is similar to the Spanish in the biggest part of South and Central America. This makes it the most used Spanish in the world. So it is a big advantage to study Spanish in Cusco.

Spanish programs CuscoFurthermore, Cusco is a very interesting city with lots of things to do and to see. And Cusco is the perfect starting place to explore the beautiful nature in the Andes, do adventure sports and make trips. In and outside the city of Cusco, you can discover everything that has to do with to old Inca Empire. As Cusco was the capital of the Inca Empire.

Nowadays Cusco is a place where you find the Peruvian people with their culture and traditions. But due to tourism, you can also find the services you are used to in the modern world. That is why Cusco is a popular city to study Spanish. You can find more information about Cusco here.

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Whatever Spanish course you are looking for, Mundo Antiguo Spanish school can offer you the perfect course! We offer individual Spanish courses and classes in a small group of only 4 students maximum. Most students take our standard course to learn Spanish. But you can also take a basic crash course or a program with a special purpose or specialization like Medical Spanish or Spanish for tourism. And we offer programs with Spanish lessons in combination with travelling, adventure, volunteering or music. From an absolute beginner level to well advanced levels, you can find a suitable Spanish course here.

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learn Spanish in Cusco

Learn Spanish in Peru with Mundo Antiguo Spanish school in Cusco. 

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