Spanish levels

Start your course at the right level!

Spanish levels

Learning Spanish at your own level is extremely important. That is why you can learn Spanish with us in Cusco at all the different Spanish levels, from a complete beginner to a very advanced level! We work with five basic Spanish levels: beginner, intermediary, advanced, superior and perfection. And we divide some of these Spanish levels in sub-levels.

Spanish beginner level

Beginner 1: You have never studied Spanish and do not know a word of it. We begin with the teaching you social basic uses and expressions. You learn for example to present yourself (name, nationality, etc.) and to use the regular verbs and some irregular verbs in the present tense. Our goal is that you can hold a basic conversation in the present tense.

Beginner 2: You will study more irregular verbs in the present tense. You will learn a practical vocabulary with words that you can use to ask a question or buy things. You will also learn to use special verbs that express preferences and desires.

Beginner 3: You will learn the Presente Progresivo which you can use to express actions that are happening now. We also study the reflexive verbs that will help you to talk about daily activities. During this part of the course you will build up your vocabulary and grammar step by step. And you will learn different expressions of time during the verbal practices we emphasize greatly.

Beginner 4: In this level you’ll learn the future tense and one of the past tenses. After that you will be able to express yourself in the three basic tenses of the Spanish language. In this week you will also learn another past tense, the Pretérito Indefinido. You will learn the most common verbs.

Spanish intermediary level

Intermediary 1: In this level you study the past tenses. You will spent an important part of the classes on the correct use of the tenses Imperfecto and Indefinido. This is one of the biggest obstacles for Spanish language students. Also you learn to read texts, talk about the past, describe situations and write stories. As always this goes together with an increasing vocabulary that you acquire from the texts which you study with your professor.

Intermediary 2: You learn to use the imperative that we use to express requests, orders and suggestions. And you will continue to expand your vocabulary and practice the Spanish you have learnt.

Intermediary 3: You practice thoroughly everything you have learnt before. You will also get an introduction on the Subjuntivo Presente with which you can express for example desires, feelings and doubts.

Spanish advanced level

Advanced 1: We focus on the Subjuntivo that you can use to express feelings, opinions, desires, doubts and presumptions. And we use Subjuntivo to give and ask for advice. In addition we will spend time on reading comprehension and writing skills. In this level you also develop a professional vocabulary, based on your personal demands.

Advanced 2: You will learn the future and conditional tenses. Besides that, you’ll study the four past tenses and the present tense in greater depth. That way you can make a comparison with the Subjuntivo.

Spanish superior level

Superior: You will get a complete, more profound revision of Spanish grammar. The superior level is meant for students who already know all the grammatical tenses but who wish to revise them. And to learn to communicate using all these tenses so you can talk about every single subject. Moreover, we study the indirect style. This style is used to transmit messages or moments from the past into the present. We emphasize oral expression through conversations about complex themes. You will also study linguistic expressions, as always according to the student’s personal interests.

Perfection: If you have any need for a specific Spanish course at a certain level, just ask us! We offer for example a Medical Spanish course where you learn tons of medical Spanish vocabulary, practice in doctor – patient situations etc. We offer different special Spanish courses, that perfectly suit your needs and wishes at different Spanish levels.

You can fill in our Spanish placement test to see at which Spanish level you can start your classes.