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Quechua online classes, private teacher

Quechua online! Easy, personal service. Take classes with the intensity you prefer!
Quechua online! Learn Quechua whenever you want and with the comfort of your own place.

Online Quechua course

We are convinced that everyone with the desire to learn a language fast and effective will need the following:

  • An individual approach: lessons tailored to the student’s abilities, needs and wishes
  • One-to-one lessons, your private teacher
  • Direct conversation to practice your listening and speaking skills. The more conversation you have, the faster you will speak Quechua
  • Grammar, vocabulary, writing and pronunciation.
  • Learn by doing and have fun doing it!

We can offer classes at a beginner, intermediate and advanced level.

You will have online lessons with one of our experienced native teachers. Our methodology and course material have proven itself. Take your online Quechua course with Mundo Antiguo and choose to learn Quechua fast and effective.

Online Quechua lessons one-to-one

You can take a package of 10 or 20 classes of 1 full hour. The price of our online Quechua programs:

Our online classes are for everyone who wants to learn Quechua, no matter what your age is, or your starting level.

  • Price per 10 hours: $ 145 USD
  • Price per 20 hours: $ 280 USD