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Wij zijn pas tevreden als jij super tevreden bent! Dus neem gerust een kijkje bij de reviews om te lezen wat oud studenten over ons zeggen. En natuurlijk ben je vrij om te kijken wat ze op andere plaatsen op het internet over ons zeggen, zoals op Facebook, TripAdvisor of onze Google reviews. Bovendien noemt National Geographic ons als 1 van de 7 beste plekken om Spaans te leren ter wereld!

Reviews over Mundo Antiguo

Jeroen Spanish studentTestimonial: Jeroen Wapenaar, Holland

Ask Jeroen for his opinion about us
In 2009 I stayed for five weeks in Peru. I lived for three weeks with a very pleasant host family in Cusco and afterwards I traveled for two weeks through the south of this interesting country. On myself to the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, hiking tours through the Colca Canyon, excursions to the rain forest near Puerto Maldonado and to the islands of Lake Titicaca. All were very special adventures that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Without any doubt it was my most beautiful experience until now. Rik Duijm and Norma Guevara of Mundo Antiguo played a very important part in it.

Rik and Norma were always ready to assist me, also if they were very occupied. They arranged that I got back my backpack, which was left behind in New York. They gave me many ideas about tours and hotels. And not only those that you will find in the Lonely Planet, but also about places where you discover the real Peru and where you don’t stumble over the other tourists. Peru is too beautiful to only take a picture of Machu Picchu. Mundo Antiguo has as no other travel agency the knowledge and service to arrange you a journey that surprises you every single minute. When you enter the office of Mundo Antiguo you already feel the warmth of Norma and Rik. Their expertise is unmatched. Experience it for yourself: experience how nice it is that you are really treated as a client and not as a number. That there are people that think with you, yet let you take your own decisions. That assists you always with a smile. In short: experience the quality of Mundo Antiguo.

Spanish school CuscoTestimonial: Tridib Das

Student Association for Development Co-operation in the Netherlands
During the first weeks of July in 2009, our group of 20 students from the Netherlands had the privilege to be assisted by Rik through Cusco. Our aim was to visit social projects in and around Cusco. Rik was continuously there for us to act as our Spanish-Dutch translator and excellent guide to these various locations. He managed to arrange satisfying accommodations, Machu Picchu train tickets, projects which we could visit and give us an over-all sense of security when he was with our group. Imagine taking care of a group of 20 students! Rik did extremely well! I am very impressed and happy I came across Rik to guide us during these days, giving the full concentration which we required during our hectic schedules.
Thank you and good luck!!

testimonialsTestimonial: Wendy and Ronald Bakker, Holland

We wanted to thank you again for the fantastic trip through Peru and Bolivia!
The whole journey – from our arrival in Cusco till our departure in Lima – was perfectly arranged. We are very pleased of the service of Mundo Antiguo Tours.
Looking back at the three weeks it is really amazing what we did and experienced: from the rain forest to Lake Titicaca and from Machu Picchu to the Islas Ballestas. The whole journey was magnificent, a perfect mix of a lot of culture and even more nature.
We are also very pleased of the hotels where we stayed. We will remember especially the salt hotel on the Salar the Uyuni for a long time.
The people (except the customs officials) were extremely kind and welcoming.

In short, thanks to you we made a beautiful and adventurous journey. Next time we will surely reserve with you!

Delphine Spanish studentTestimonial: Delphine Bouckaert, Belgium

In October 2008 I traveled to Peru and Bolivia with a group of 18 persons. I had the luck that my tour conductor was Rik. He always was there for the group and you could ask him anything.
As he lives in Peru he always took us to the most magical places, pleasant coffee houses and nicest restaurants, and also to the less tourist – but therefore not less interesting places!
He doesn’t care for a bit more work to arrange everything well and to give us a pleasant and safe feeling. In short: he knows what tourists expect of a journey like this and he is prepared for it perfectly well.

You see and feel his love for Peru and he can translate this love without any problems to the whole group! If I ever return to Peru or have to recommend people someone for such an unforgettable journey, then there is without doubt only one address: Mundo Antiguo Tours.

Spanish PeruTestimonial: Bart and Marleen, Holland

The perfect view on the city of Cusco from our bus window already promises some beautiful days. But once arrived in the ancient city center one thing becomes immediately clear: everything here is about tourism! As typical gringos we get to hear ‘’free tourist information!’’and ‘’wanna go to Machu Picchu amigos?’’every two meters. On what do you base your choices in this situation?!

We are happy that instead of these somewhat too keen entrepreneurs we have had contact with Rik. Together with his Peruvian girlfriend Norma, Rik lives already quiet some time in Cusco and has a lot of travel experience in Peru. Besides the fact that they are a nice and helpful couple, they are in our opinion also the ideal combination of Peruvian lifestyle, knowledge and Dutch entrepreneurship. The tips for good restaurant, a cheaper way to travel to Machu Picchu and a beautiful full-day hike in the Sacred Valley helped to make our week in Cusco a very nice one!

Quyen Spanish studentTestimonial: Quyen Nguyen, Washington, DC, USA

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I have spent this past year traveling through Central and South America… taking tours to see everything from the jungles, rain forests, mountains, beaches, volcanoes to ancient ruins and cities. And it has all been amazing, but my experience with your agency was, by far, the best in every way. Everything was so professional yet also personal. Everyone is so warm, welcoming and knowledgeable. The trek to Machu Picchu was absolutely incredible. There is something to be said about having a guide who genuinely cares about the tourists to whom he is with and greatly respects the stories and history of the areas we trekked through and to. And he was entertaining at that! The same goes for Amantani and Lago Titicaca, which were also exceptional experiences. Exploring Colca Canyon, Cusco and the Sacred Valley were absolutely amazing. I saw many others looking bored with their large tour groups in the various places because the guides were disengaged and detached from the people and the ruins/nature around them. That was never the case with your tours!

Peru’s nature and history is vast. Mundo Antiguo Tours managed to open my eyes and mind to what each place has to offer, providing an even richer experience than what others offered. The stories and masterpieces of nature and architecture, the incredible convergence of engineering, spirit and human strength are not forgotten in your tours. Perhaps it is because I have used so many different tour agencies in my travels through the Americas that I am fully capable of appreciating what great quality your agency offers and what a rare find it is indeed! I have no doubt that after one tour with you, everyone will be hooked for any and all other tours for Peru and Bolivia, like me!

Testimonial: Gerry Weijenberg, Tiel, The Netherlands

After my stay in Peru, I had to arrange my journey to Holland by myself. I got to know you and your enthusiasm and warmth to share something of your culture with interested persons was heart-warming. When I told you that I was nervous about arranging my journey back home, you were immediately prepared to help me. That was very pleasant, because my first journey in a country outside Europe was for me sometimes quite an adventure and it is wonderful when you meet people who are wanting to help you.
The journey to Holland went excellent. With your telephone numbers in my pocket in the case that anything would go wrong, I left confident. The flight to Lima went well and in the airport I was picked up. The hotel arranged a guided tour through Lima.
It was a wonderful end of my journey and I would like to thank you very much for your mediation. Success with the organisation and when I will return to Peru, I will definitely contact you again!

Social work

social volunteer work

Asociación Para El Desarrollo de Poblaciones Andinas y Amazónicas

Hereby we want to thank you for the support that you offer the project of Atisunchis, situated in the community of Qollana in the district of San Jerónimo in Cusco. With your help and that of the volunteers we made quite some progress:

– The construction of water and the payment of the monthly water bill. This was a basic need that we now have in the project. Moreover, 35 families in the community now have access to clean water.
– We are working on the construction of light and electricity in the project and the community. Until today we don’t have electricity because of delay of the electricity company.
– The aid of Yuly, a girl of 4 years with serious viewing problems. She went through various examinations and now got glasses which help her greatly in her personal development.
– The purchase of foods, together with a volunteer.

In reality there are more things in which you spent your time and showed your commitment. You can trust us that every day we work to progress in our job. We hope that we can count on your permanent support, because both the volunteers and we trust in you.
Thousand times thanks on behalf of myself and the children of Atisunchis.

Yours sincerely,
Maria Antonieta Chacón Grajeda
Project coordinator

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